Eudora to Outlook Converter

It is important to know that Eudora saves files in .mbx format. mbx is a single file format that saves data in plain text form. So while migrating from Eudora to Outlook, you need to convert all your mbx files of Eudora mail to PST, as Outlook uses the PST file format. Here, you must have been thinking of "How to convert Eudora mail to PST".

In this segment we will discuss about step by step working of the Eudora to Outlook Converter software.

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Check How to Import Email from Eudora to Outlook!

Step 1

Before starting the process, download and install the program. Launch the tool, click on Add file and select “Eudora” from the list of email clients. Choose “Default profile configured” (if Eudora mail is installed and configured) otherwise select file from the system.

add mbox file and folder

Step 2

The application will automatically browse the MBOX file form the default location. Click the process button.

add mbox file and folder

Step 3

Select required folders from export option, and export the file as and destination path etc. Then Finally click the Export button.

export selected mails

Step 4

In order to export all MBOX items altogether, click on 'Export' button shown in the navigation bar. It will allow you to export all MBOX files at once.

open pst file in ms outlook



A Brief Intro of Eudora Mail!

Eudora mail is one of the oldest and amongst the very few desktop based email clients that was accessible on Windows as well as Apple Macintosh Operating System. Eudora can be configured via POP3, SMTP and IMAP protocols. It is also used by a number of palmtop applications. It was initially built by Qualcomm and is now retained by Mozilla.

Though Qualcomm has stopped developing the commercial version, but it recently introduced its Open Source Edition. It comes with powerful filters that precisely remove spam messages.

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Why Need to Perform Eudora to Outlook Conversion?

However, Qualcomm had stopped the production of Eudora or related products and discontinued to provide support for Eudorafor MBOX file migration to Outlook. So more and more people are switching to MS Outlook as it is one of the easiest and reliable email client. Apart from that MS Outlook has a lot of unique and helpful functions due to that most of professionals start planning to transfer Eudora to Outlook 2007, 2010 and 2013.