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what is mbox file

What is MBOX File Extension

Emailing that is became very common process for professionals and non-professionals also when performed then email information gets stored into a file format. There are distinct email platforms to fulfill the need for making communication without any failure. Different kinds of email file formats are available these days with which one can get the data saved within. MBOX is one of commonly seen file format that is used over a range of email clients like Thunderbird, Eudora, and Entourage.


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What is Eudora Email Client

Eudora Email is a desktop based email client that can be used on Apple Macintosh, Microsoft Windows as well as Linux operating systems. The Eudora email also supports various palmtop computing platforms that include Newton, Palm OS, etc. Eudora was originally developed by Qualcomm but is now maintained by Mozilla Company though authorization remains with Qualcomm.


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What is Thunderbird Application

What is Mozilla Thunderbird? Mozilla Thunderbird is a cross platform email, newsgroup, and chat client which is developed by Mozilla foundation. This emailing client is enriched with features such as saved search options, quick search folders, message grouping, labels, advanced message filtering etc. You will find this application incorporating spam filter, a white list based on address book and many more aspects.