Know What is MBOX File Extension?



Emailing that is became very common process for professionals and non-professionals also when performed then email information gets stored into a file format. There are distinct email platforms to fulfill the need for making communication without any failure. Different kinds of email file formats are available these days with which one can get the data saved within. MBOX is one of commonly seen file format that is used over a range of email clients like Thunderbird, Eudora, and Entourage.

More Information about MBOX File Format

A plain text file having facility to save emails into 7-bit ASCII text along with saving other details of attachments within encoded format is known as MBOX file format. Number of mail texts when gets gathered into a single file and all the emails will be in plain text then, such concatenation is called as MBOX file format. The message within this file gets started with "From_" and it winds up with blank line.

Brief Introduction: MBOX Family

Time to time the file format is updated as per individual's need and all four modified file formats are described here:

Mboxo: When MBOX file format keeps email address of sender as "???@???" then, this file format is said to be Mboxo. The most common email client that uses this file format is Eudora. Integrity of emails within this file format does not remain same as attachments and emails were saved into different folders.

Mboxrd: Other version of the file format after Mboxo is Mboxrd. This file format for MBOX keeps "From" whether into body of a message or into header. Qmail is known email client along with Thunderbird, Mozila, Netscape, etc where this file format is highly used.

Mboxcl: Another version of MBOX is Mboxcl that also comes in mboxcl2 mailbox format, both of these file formats are in use over UNIX 'System V'. This file format contains '>' as a pre-fix to any line of the mail that may be into header or within body

Mboxcl2: Almost close proximity of Mboxcl to Mboxcl2 makes it little different with act of denoting Content-Length: header as start and end of the message.

Want to Know Where MBOX File is Located

mbox file location

This is the default location of MBOX files to be stored into computer but, the location can be changed according to users' need.

Supportive Email Clients for MBOX File

There are many more email clients with which one can use MBOX file format.