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Eudora Email is a desktop based email client that can be used on Apple Macintosh, Microsoft Windows as well as Linux operating systems. The Eudora email also supports various palmtop computing platforms that include Newton, Palm OS, etc. Eudora was originally developed by Qualcomm but is now maintained by Mozilla Company though authorization remains with Qualcomm.

More About Eudora - Eudora is a wonderful email client that can be configured with IMAP, POP3 and SMTP protocols. It is a classic, fast, powerful, flexible, easy and effective email client that can filter spam precisely and hardly shows any weakness. Leveraging the statistical spam filter to organize emails is no doubt a good option. Some of Eudora's best features are the spam filter and fast search that are available only in the paid version. Over the years, the makers of Eudora have found efficient and elegant solutions to just about all email problems that occur.

File Formats in Eudora

The various file formats used for files and folders in Eudora are mentioned below:

mbox format

Emergence of Eudora

Eudora was developed by an individual, named Steve Dorner in the year 1988, who worked at the Computer Services Organization of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. The application was named after American author Eudora Welty, because of her short story: Why I Live at the P.O. Eudora was acquired by Qualcomm Company in the year 1991. In the year 2006, Qualcomm stopped development of the commercial version, and sponsored the creation of a new open-source version based on Mozilla Thunderbird, with the code name Penelope.

Versions of Eudora

Number of versions of Eudora has been released and the chronological order of some of the versions starting from the latest version is given below:

eudora versions

Advantageous Features of Eudora

  • Eudora can manage multiple POP and IMAP accounts.
  • Eudora has powerful filters, labels and a flexible template system for replies that help in handling emails. Integrated "SpamWatch" helps in spam and junk filtering.
  • Eudora includes fast email search, therefore finding mail is solved elegantly and fast with X1 index search.
  • Eudora's "ScamWatch" alerts about suspicious links in phishing emails. "ScamWatch" looks for spoofed URLs in phishing emails that want to trick you into handing sensitive data to criminals.

Note: It works pretty well but does not catch all fraud attempts, so it still requires users to be alert.

  • Eudora's message rules are versatile and easy; that lets read and write emails in style.
  • Another feature called "BossWatch" helps to avoid sending email to bosses or clients inadvertently. It also alerts when sending mail to certain domains.
  • You can read and send richly formatted HTML emails, but Eudora has solid plain text features too.
  • Eudora Sharing Protocol can automatically synchronize files and folders via email.
  • Eudora also has solutions for problems people probably do not have (like 'MoodWatch', which is the comical indicator of aggressive vocabulary).

Disadvantages of Eudora

  • Eudora does not offer smart folders though search criteria can be saved or stored.
  • Eudora's remote content privacy protection is not good.
  • Eudora does not come with integrated secure messaging and it would be nice if Eudora could use its Bayesian engine to automatically sort out or classify emails.
  • While Eudora can be blocked from loading remote content in emails automatically, more flexible controls would be nice.


From this page the details about Eudora is learnt. It should be known that Eudora has come to an end and its version 8.0.0 Beta 8 was the last version developed about 4 years back. So, many would like to convert Eudora MBX mailbox files to Outlook to make it compatible on any other email client.