How to Export MBOX from Gmail



Google’s Gmail is used widely by the web users as it is a popular web mail and is integrated with the Google support & services. In the past, users wanted to take the data of their mailbox to other desktop mail clients across various platforms so that the customization could be done. But, in 2013 only Google allowed the users to take their data of Gmail & Calendar by downloading the compressed file. The data can be archived now in the compressed file having MBOX format. This feature is not less than a boon for its users.

How to Export mailbox from Gmail as MBOX file?

The data from Gmail can be archived in a MBOX file type. Follow the below steps to download the copy of your Gmail mailbox in the compressed MBOX file:

  • “Sign in” to your Gmail account.
  • Visit download your data (Google Takeout) page of Account Setting.

  • Select the data to include by choosing Gmail labels. Two options are available, choose the one which you need.
  • “Include all of your mail” will include all your emails in the exported MBOX file.
  • “Select labels” will give the following options to customize the data which you require to export MBOX from Gmail.

  • Click next after selecting “Gmail labels” and choose the following file type and delivery method and then create archive.

  • After that the data is exported in MBOX from Gmail and the following screen is shown. Depending upon the size of your mailbox, the conversion time is taken and when it gets completed the notification is send to the user.

  • The user can download & export MBOX from Gmail to other email client as per need.

The downloaded file is in compressed form and after extraction the exported MBOX from Gmail contains all mails of the user in a single file if chosen “include all mails” option or it is in multiple MBOX form if the “Select labels” options is chosen.

This MBOX file is supported by most email clients like Mozilla Thunderbird, Microsoft Outlook 2011, Apple’s Mail etc. And can be imported in them easily.

If you want to access MBOX file in Outlook then it should be converted in PST format. You can use MBOX Converter for this.

If your Google TakeOut Process is Failing Everytime, you could use Gmail Backup software. The process is given in the following video.