How to Do Thunderbird Gmail Configuration



Thunderbird is a cross platform and open source email client. It supports POP, SMTP & IMAP protocols along with giving enormous functionality for email management, calendar, events etc. To the users.

Thunderbird can be configured to work with Google’s Gmail. Users can synchronize Gmail mailbox with Thunderbird by using IMAP. Both Thunderbird & Gmail have to be configured at the respective ends in order to complete the synchronization.

How to configure Gmail for Thunderbird?

Gmail can be configured by going to the “Settings” and performing following steps to enable IMAP

  • Sign in with your Gmail account and go to settings.
  • Click forwarding and POP/IMAP.
  • Select enable IMAP.
  • Now “Save” the changes.

Now launch the Thunderbird application and Select File>New>Existing mail account. It opens the mail account setup which is shown below

Fill the above account information and password if prompted by the Gmail account validation. After doing this, Thunderbird will automatically configure your Gmail account and download the messages in the inbox folder which ensures your Gmail account is ready to use in Thunderbird.

The above method describes the automatic Gmail configuration in Thunderbird. However the user can customize and perform manual Account configuration as well.

How to manually configure Gmail account in Thunderbird?

In some older version of Thunderbird, the automatic configuration of Gmail doesn’t work well along with some other email clients.

Hence it is better to perform manual account configuration if automatic mode doesn’t work.

Fill the details for the following departments:

  • Incoming mail server and port(for example, "" and port 110 or "" and port 143)
  • Outgoing mail server(for example, "" and port 25)
  • Security Authentication(for example, "STARTTLS" or "SSL/TLS")

How to Configure Incoming & Outgoing Server in Thunderbird?

In Thunderbird application, Go to Tools> Account settings which will open a separate Tab showing account information of the configured email account.

Click on “Account actions” and select “Add mail account” and fill the following user name and password for that account.

Now click on continue and enter the SMTP, IMAP settings by choosing manual setup configuration otherwise Thunderbird will normally chose default setting.

Incoming server:
Server hostname:
Port: 993
Authentication: Normal Password

Configure the SMTP server manually by Clicking “Account settings” and the left pane of the window showing Outgoing Server (SMTP) in the last.

Multiple email accounts can use the same SMTP settings, hence for each account it is configured separately.

Enter the following details in SMTP server

Outgoing server:
Server hostname:
Port: 587
Authentication: Normal Password

After filling the following details, the user can send/receive the emails. Other options can be filled according if required by the user.