How to Backup and Convert Thunderbird Emails to PST



Mozilla Thunderbird is the most popular email client across all platforms. It provides flexibility to users due to its open source nature.

What is Mozilla Thunderbird?

It is the open source email client which is available for cross platform and provide email management functionality with junk filtering, themes, and many more. It creates a user profile for every account with several other files but, MBOX is the main file format used in Thunderbird. The default storage location for the profile on Windows is:

C:\Users\Windows user name\AppData\Roaming\Thunderbird\Profiles\Profile name\

Corruption of Thunderbird client

Sometimes due to bugs, virus attack or unexpected errors, Thunderbird client gets crashed and the data file containing mailbox gets corrupted.

The main issues which occurs in Thunderbird client are as follows:

  • Inbox is not displaying for the user profile
  • Duplicate emails occur in the mailbox.
  • Messages showing in the inbox but not opening.
  • Recurrence of messages even after deleting.

Need for Backup of Thunderbird emails

As the errors can occur at any time which will lead to data loss or corruption. Hence, it is a safe practice to backup your data and profile so that it can be recovered. Organisations recommend their employees to always perform the schedule work of backup once in a period of time like in a week or month basis.

How to backup Thunderbird emails?

Thunderbird emails can be easily back up by following the below steps

  • Close all applications including Thunderbird email client for efficient back up.
  • Open “file explorer” and visit to the following directory


    Here “username” is the Windows username and “Profile name” is of the Thunderbird profile which is registered and used for emails.
  • Now copy the entire “Profile” directory of the user profile and store it in a particular location.
  • Copy back up profile to the original location when you want to restore Thunderbird.

In this way, the user can back up and restore Thunderbird emails as per need.

How to Convert Thunderbird emails to Outlook PST?

Mere back up of Thunderbird data is not enough, sometimes the mailbox needs to be accessed in other mail client like MS Outlook. Hence, the data file should be converted to Outlook supported PST format.


Thunderbird stores the data in the MBOX file format which is different in MS Outlook . Some manual tricks can do the job for the user but they are not reliable while converting the data from MBOX file to PST due to complex, time consuming steps with risk of data loss in the process.


A Converter application is the professional way to access the Thunderbird data into PST. MBOX Converter is specially designed for this problem as it converts batch MBOX files at a time to PST with open, preview & export steps which are user friendly.

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