Export Apple Mail to Outlook with Free Conversion Steps



Apple mail is the inbuilt email client which comes with Mac OS and is most preferred by apple users over other mail client.

Apple mail uses MBOX file format which contains data of one or more than one configured email accounts. It uses POP, IMAP & SMTP protocols mainly for the email functionality.

Why users need to export Apple mail to Outlook?

As we know the market share of Mac OS is few as compared to Windows, hence most users prefer to go for MS Outlook. While both email clients provide different functionality and management for its users but, at times users need to transfer the emails from Apple mail to Outlook during a cross platform or cross email client migration.

Since MBOX file format is used in Apple mail which is different from MS Outlook PST, hence a conversion is needed for performing the required task.

Manual method used to export Apple mail to Outlook

There are some manual tricks which will help the user in the conversion of Apple mail to Outlook.

Follow the below steps used for IMAP account for synchronizing Apple mail with Outlook

  • Configure IMAP account to both Apple mail & Outlook.
  • Duplicate emails occur in the mailbox.
  • Enable IMAP in the settings of Gmail.

Now follow the below steps to synchronize Apple mail for IMAP:

  • Open Apple mail application and go to Tools>Account, then Click on emails.
  • Configure and fill the IMAP account information.
  • Now Gmail Tab can be seen.
  • Click on send/receive option.
  • For doing synchronisation, copy the mail folder in the IMAP of Apple mail so that they can be retrieved on Outlook over IMAP.

This IMAP procedure is cumbersome to the user as it involves complex and multiples steps which need time and does not ensure the data integrity also.

Hence, a third party professional tool can do the task in a more reliable and efficient way.

Apple Mail to Outlook Converter

This is the specially designed tool for export of Apple mail mailbox to Outlook by converting the MBOX file to PST with simple conversion steps which are easy to do and user friendly.

Availability of Mac & Windows version of the tool covers the users for both platforms as well.

Check the conversion steps and free demo of the tool from Apple mail to Outlook Converter