How to Set up Account in SeaMonkey for POP, IMAP & SMTP Server



SeaMonkey is one of the prominent Internet suite, designed in continuity to Mozilla Application Suite. One of the utility included in this suite is, SeaMonkey Mail that allows multiple users to create the email account to establish an efficient communication and file sharing. Some of the interesting features offered by the email client includes:

  • Multiple Account Support- SeaMonkey Mail provides a feature to create multiple user accounts on a single interface, which can be switched according to the users.
  • Compound Mail Tabs- It allows user to open multiple tabs to have a better view of the emails, so that various emails can be viewed in parallel.
  • Junk Mail Detection- The email client has in-built smartness to detect the spam or junk mails and provide protection against them.
  • User Friendly Features- A number of features have been incorporated to make it easy for use viz, filter emails, color code for different folder mails, sort emails accordingly.

In this article, we will demonstrate how to set up account in SeaMonkey MBOX file to Outlook for POP, IMAP & SMTP server using SeaMonkey email wizard.

Set up Account in SeaMonkey for POP, IMAP & SMTP Servers

SeaMonkey mail client lets user to create multiple mail accounts, which can be used on the single interface. To experience the exciting features of this mail service, the user firstly needs to set up an email account. While setting up the email account, the user can also choose the protocol that needs to be used among POP, IMAP and SMTP. The manual steps, which needs to be followed during SeaMonkey setup in POP, IMAP & SMTP servers:

1. Launch SeaMonkey on your system

2. Click on Edit option > Mail & Newsgroups Accounts Settings from the toolbar.

3. Under Mail & Newsgroup settings, click on Add Account and choose Email Account option.

4. In the account wizard, enter your name in Your Name option and required email address in Email Address column.

5. Choose the incoming server: POP or IMAP according to need from the options provided.

6. Enter the username to be identified in the Incoming User Name option.

7. Under Account Name option, add your name or organization name.

So, the users can configure the SeaMonkey account with POP or IMAP by following the above manual steps.

Steps to Set up SeaMonkey Account for SMTP Server

1. Open Edit option in SeaMonkey mail, click on Mail & Newsgroups Account Settings.

2. Click on Outgoing Server(SMTP) from Account Settings.

3. Click on ADD option to add new SMTP settings.

4. Provide the following credentials accordingly:

  • Description: Enter account name or organization name for unique identification.
  • Server Name: Enter the server name on which account needs to be configured.
  • Port: If needed, add the port number to be used. By default port number 25 is used.
  • Use Secure Connection: Click on No to use SMTP settings.

5. Click on OK to save the added SMTP account.


The users must try the interactive features of SeaMonkey email service. The above article has been designed to let the users understand how to set up account in SeaMonkey for POP, IMAP & SMTP server. The demonstrated stepwise solution must be performed to set up email account in SeaMonkey.

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