Evolution to Outlook Converter

There is no easy way to move all emails from Evolution to Outlook without the help of an external third party tool. Evolution to PST Conversion Tool is an easy-to-use email conversion utility that facilitates the migration of MBOX files of evolution mail to PST format while ensuring no loss of messages. This software best answers the query: How to transfer Evolution mail to Outlook PST file?

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Stepwise Procedure to Perform Evolution Mail to Outlook Migration

Step 1

Download, Install and run the software on your computer. Open and Browse the MBOX file.

export evolution mail to outlook

Step 2

Scan and get the Preview of the items - Here the normal mail view is shown.

how to transfer evolution mail to outlook

Step 3

Export 'All' or 'Selected' mails. Save as PST format after data is exported.

evolution  to outlook migration

Step 4

The conversion process will take a while. Click on Ok button, once the export completed successfully.

evolution  to outlook migration

Note - After evolution to Outlook migration, import resulting PST file into MS Outlook with the help of Import Export Wizard.



A Brief Introduction of Evolution

Evolution is a powerful desktop email client with the combination of items such as emails, calendar, address book, task-list and note-taking features. It can be configured with the POP and IMAP protocols. It is known as the official personal information manager (PIM) for GNOME and is an official part of GNOME since Evolution 2.0 was included with the GNOME 2.8. It is free software licensed under the terms of the General Public License.

The user interface and functionality of Evolution is similar to MS Outlook but sometimes and in certain cases people prefer to perform evolution to outlook migration and hence it should be a query how to convert Evolution mail to PST format.

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Default Location of Evolution Data File

The Evolution application creates MBOX files without any extension. The 'Mail' folder that contains different mailboxes has a default location and is stored at: 'C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\.evolution\mail'

To migrate evolution mail to outlook: You can easily export an Evolution Mail mailbox with the option 'Export Mailbox' and then save it as MBOX file.

How to Convert Evolution MBOX to Outlook PST?

  • Open the folder in Evolution
  • Select Edit, Select All from the menu
  • Now select File, Save As....from menu
  • Choose the location and file name where you want to save the emails
  • You can give the file a .mbox extension
  • Click OK
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Why to Switch From Evolution Mail to Outlook?

There are certain drawbacks of Evolution mail client and therefore people migrate MBOX mailbox to Outlook. On the contrary Outlook offers many advantages and is most widely accepted mail client. People find Outlook as a feasible and viable competitor to the Evolution application because of some its disadvantages that are mentioned below:

Cons of the Evolution Application

  • It does not offer flexible message templates
  • Searching and finding messages is not fast
  • Evolution does not support format=flowed messages
  • It does not support IPv6 addressing

As switching from Evolution Mail to Outlook has been proven essential depending on user's choice, it gets necessary to know how to transfer evolution mail to Outlook. In the next section a detailed description of the conversion process is explained for user comfort so as to ease the procedure.

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