Know How to Convert Mutt Email to Outlook PST File

Mutt Mail to PST Converter is an easy-to-use email migration tool that converts Mutt emails to Outlook PST format. Here, Outlook installation is not required to convert and import mutt mail to Outlook using PST file.

The below mentioned 4 steps that involves (Open, Scan, Preview, Export) should be followed for conversion of mutt mail database to PST:

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How to Convert Mutt to Outlook PST?

Step 1

Open and browse the MBOX file or folder from the stored location of the computer system and then click on Add option. Either a file or a folder can be selected by browse option.

open mutt mail mbox file

Step 2

Scan and get the preview of normal email as well as its attachments. Also, the view can be switched either to vertical or horizontal position. The tool efficiently scans files /folders and transfers all emails into Outlook PST files. After completion of the scan the software shows the preview of converted emails in the main interface.

export from mutt to PST

Step 3

Export 'All' or 'Selected' mails depending on the requirement of the users, whether all or some items are required to be viewed in Outlook.

convert mutt mails to outlook

Step 4

Export and save the items as PST format after data is exported. Here, single PST or multiple PST files can be created per MBOX file.

export mutt emails to pst

In this way in few clicks, Mutt MBOX files can be converted into MS Outlook PST format safely without hampering the original folder hierarchy. The tool also allows effortless migration of Mutt items such as emails to Outlook PST.

Note - Once the MBOX files are converted to PST format, the files can be imported into Outlook and the emails can be accessed.



A Brief Intro of Mutt Mail Client!

Though small Mutt is a very powerful, text-based desktop email client that is used for reading electronic mail under Unix operating systems. This program was originally built as a Mail User Agent (MUA) but gradually evolved to be a mail client having hundreds of in-built commands and configuration directives over the years. It supports most mail storing formats, notably MBOX, MAILDIR, MH and MMDF.


The Default Location of Mutt Mail Database File

Mutt email client stores email messages in folders. The default location of the inbox folder is $MAIL shell variable. At the beginning, the emails are shown in the spool file at "/var/spool/mail/USER". The mails that have already been read can be moved to the 'mbox' folder by setting the variable 'move=yes'. Mutt can work with four different mailbox formats such as MBOX, MH, MAILDIR and MMDF.

Depending upon choice users can define the format to be used in mbox_type. After knowing the location of Mutt emails the process as how to convert Mutt to PST format should be learnt.

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Why Mutt Mail to PST Conversion is Required?

MS Outlook is much preferred by professionals for emailing purposes. Although user friendly and efficient, sometimes Mutt users want to migrate MBOX data to Outlook and at such situations it becomes necessary to know how to convert Mutt to PST file format. This is because MS Outlook for Windows supports PST format and to access the Mutt MBOX data in Outlook it gets essential to convert MBOX files to Personal Storage Table.