A Suitable Approach to Export Spicebird to Outlook PST File

After knowing all facts about Spicebird mail client it is necessary to know how to import Spicebird emails into MS Outlook program. Spicebird files are not supported by MS Outlook then first need to convert into an importable PST file. Download this free Spicebird mail converter to perform the Spicebird to Outlook email migration.

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How to Export Spicebird to Outlook 2016 & Previous Editions?

Step 1

In the very first step, download and install the application. Click on the "Add File" button to browse Spicebird data file. The software provides two options to add MBOX files:

  • By choosing the email client to browse files from default location (email client should be installed to use this option)
  • By browsing MBOX files manually from the local drive

add mbox file and folders

Step 2

If you choose the first option then the tool will automatically detect the location and Spicebird data file. Now click on the "Process" button.

email migration

Step 3

The software will scan and preview selected MBOX files data. You can view emails in different styles and different modes. Choose emails/folders and click on the Export button.

convert spicebird to outlook

Step 4

From the export options Windows, choose folders, option to export the file and saving location. You can also use PST split option if you want to create required size of PST file. Finally click on the "Export" button.

spicebird to pst



A Short Details about Spicebird Mail Client

The Spicebird was a free open source email client based on Mozilla code. It delivered e-mail, calendaring and instant messaging features to the users. Spicebird can be used for personal as well as office use to access email, calendar information and chat accounts.

Earlier, support for the Spicebird application has been discontinued. Due to this most of the users are now migrating to MS Outlook for better experience.

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What is the Default Location of Spicebird Data File?

The Spicebird uses .msf (mail summery file) for storing summery of all messages and .mbox (without any extension) for storing complete emails. Both of the files can be found in given below location.

To migrate Spicebird mail to outlook: You can easily export an Spicebird Mail mailbox with the option 'Export Mailbox' and then save it as MBOX file.

C:\Users\User Name\AppData\Roaming\Spicebird\Profiles\

Note: To export Spicebird to Outlook mails, you can use without extension MBOX files such as: Inbox, Sent Mail and Trash etc.

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Why Need to Convert Spicebird Emails to PST Files?

This is the first question arises in everyone's mind that why to export spicebird to Outlook. Actually support of Spicebird has been stopped due to this user need to transfer email account data from Spicebird to MS Outlook or any other reliable desktop email client. MS Outlook is a widely used email program and well known for transferring data from MBOX file to Outlook. So this may be the strongest reason for migrating from Spicebird to Outlook.