Turnpike to Outlook Converter

We can transfer Turnpike mails into MS Outlook manually through IMAP server. If this method does not work perfectly So, not to worry about the situation as we have a software for better conversion of Turnpike mail to Outlook PST without these limitations. The software provides many more features which helps you in better conversion of mail files.

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How to Transfer Turnpike to Oulook?

Step 1

In the very step, download and install the tool. Launch the application and open MBOX file of turnpike email client that you want to convert into PST file.

open turnpike emails

Step 2

The tool scans selected MBOX file and preview entire items along with attachments.

export data from turnpike to PST

Step 3

From the Export Option, select required folders, option to export the file as and destination path etc. Finally click the Export button.

convert turnpike emails to outlook

Step 4

The export process begins and will take a while. You can see folder name and item counts during the process and also can stop or start again the process.

transfer turnpike to outlook



A Brief Details of Turnpike Mail Client!

Turnpike is British developed software for Microsoft Windows work as an email client. It comprises combined with mail and news client as well as it program separately for internet connection aspects. It has different folders to store messages separately like inbox, outbox filed, wastebasket and draft etc. Turnpike allows you to send attachments like pictures, word document, audio files etc. with the nail file from sender to receiver.

Turnpike uses a commercial program called as PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) that provides security and privacy features for mails. As it provides the better encryption technique for mail consists of plain text as well as confidential information like credit card number, financial transaction etc.

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Turnpike and Outlook Data Files!

To import and export mail files, Turnpike uses "Berkeley Mailbox Format"(.mbox) whereas Outlook uses PST (Personal Storage Table) file format.

Comparing Turnpike and Outlook

Today's most widely used email client application offered in the market is MS Outlook as compared to another mail client application. Because it provide advanced feature for users such as:

  • Security: It enhances the security of mails, including protection from junk and phishing website emails.
  • Easy Organization: Provides email management, as it allows you to sync your email directly into your contact list.
  • Improves Connectivity with others: MS Outlook calendar allows you to share your calendar with any of your important clients to access at their convenience, as it provides the facility to edit, create and manage an online calendar.
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What is the Need to Convert Turnpike to Outlook?

If you work over two different mail client application one as Turnpike and another as MS Outlook and wants to use your turnpike mail in Outlook email application. Then here's, the question arises for mail conversion. To convert MBOX data to Outlook file, you need to follow conversion process as discussed below. Given below are the steps that will help you to export turnpike to Outlook PST format.