Resolve Common Thunderbird Problems With Effective Solutions


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Mozilla Thunderbird is most prominently used emails client these days. It facilitates multiple functionalities. The users prefer this because it contains a user-friendly and easy-to-use interface. But, sometimes users confront an error while using the Thunderbird in their system. It can generate immense difficulty that cannot be resolved by just restarting the program or the local machine. It often halts the working procedure and communication by obstructing access to the mailbox in an email application. Such issues can be resolved by executing some simple and easy manual procedures. This write-up covers all the common Thunderbird problems and their solutions. Read further to know more.

A Glimpse on Common Issues with Mozilla Thunderbird

  1. Unable to Receive Email messages
  2. Unable to Delete Email messages
  3. Inability to Send Emails messages
  4. Thunderbird Crashes and Closes unexpectedly
  5. Other Commonly Occuring Issues

Top 5 Common Thunderbird Problems & Solutions

In this segment, we will be going to discuss common Thunderbird errors and solutions. All the troubleshooting techniques are described in a descriptive manner. You just need to follow in the sequential way to get rid off from the issue:

Error 1: Unable to receive email messages

There can be some technical complexity with the Thunderbird program that may be causing this issue. It can occur because of bad internet service, inappropriate account configuration and ISP filters. Some errors that are associated with it email client can be fixed by checking the account settings in the following way:


  • First of all, open Thunderbird application
  • Navigate to Tools in the Menu and then select Account Settings and Server Settings
  • Lastly, check if the port number and other details match with the ones discussed on the email client official site.
Common Thunderbird Problems

Error 2: Unable to Delete Messages

The cause behind the inability to delete a message is that there might be corruption in Thunderbird Trash folder. To solve this problem simply follow the steps listed below:


  • Firstly, in Thunderbird Menu go to Tools | Account Settings | Server Settings. Look for local directory and copy the folder location given there
    resolve deletion
  • Then, close the Mozilla Thunderbird program
  • Now, paste the copied location in Windows Explorer
  • Locate the Trash and Trash.msf file along with multiple other files
  • Choose Trash and Trash.msf files and delete them. In various accounts, this file is named Deleted or Bin
  • Lastly, restart the Mozilla Thunderbird application and delete email messages without problem.

Error 3: Inability to send emails messages

If you are not able to send email messages via using your Thunderbird profile, there can be following causes behind this as follows:

  • Inappropriate port number
  • Firewall or Antivirus utility
  • Mozilla Thunderbird in an offline mode
  • Improper outgoing mail settings


You have to make sure that Mozilla Thunderbird settings are perfectly and correctly configured:

  • Incoming mail server POP3 and IMAP server:
  • Outgoing mail server “SMTP server”:
  • Username the full email address like
  • Here, the SMTP verification must be enabled for the sign-in to be successful
  • Try utilizing an alternative TCP port 2525 for SMTP Server.

Error 4: Thunderbird crash & closes unexpectedly

When Mozilla Thunderbird closes inappropriately, the situation is referred to a program crash. When it closes unexpectedly, a crash report is displayed on restarting Thunderbird. There are various reasons are responsible for the crash. This may happen due to some anti-virus restricting its process or it may be an add-on causing the trouble. Check the antivirus settings. Also, try opening Thunderbird in safe mode and enabling each add-on one by one to know the culprit. If it’s still happening frequently then the best method would be to post crash report on Mozilla Support.

Error 5: Performance Issues and Other Persistent Errors

In order to resolve persisting common Thunderbird problems, you should open it in safe mode. In this mode, you can reset Thunderbird settings or disable the add-ons that are the root cause of the issues. To verify, if the problem is being caused by a specified add-on, try matching and comparing application manner in normal mode to that of the behavior in safe mode.

Common Resolution: Start the Thunderbird program in safe mode

To open and start Thunderbird in Safe mode, follow the below- listed steps:

1. When Thunderbird is not starting: Initially, press and hold down the Shift key while running Thunderbird application to open it into Safe mode

2. When Mozilla Thunderbird is starting:

  • Here, click on the Help menu from the top of Thunderbird wizard after that choose Restart with Add-ons Disabled the menu element
  • 2 In the then displayed Thunderbird Safe Mode dialog box, hit on Continue in Safe Mode button to succeed the procedure to start Thunderbird program in Safe Mode.

Time to Summing Up

These are top 5 common Thunderbird problems and solutions. Most of the users find an appropriate technique to fix their issues. So, from here you can take help in resolving the tiresome errors without any hassle.