Extract Entourage RGE Files on Mac & Windows OS [Also Export to PST]


Microsoft Entourage is an email application that also works as a Personal Information Manager. It was developed by Microsoft for Mac OS 8.5 and later versions. Although it was discontinued in 2011 in favor of MS Outlook, it is still in use for emails, calendar, contacts, tasks, and other management functionalities. Entourage stores it database in RGE and MBOX file formats which can be easily extracted and processed on the Mac platform itself.

Intro to Entourage RGE File

RGE files are generally designated as archive data files of Entourage application and are not meant to be viewed. They contain mailbox items such as email messages, tasks, contacts, calendars, etc. stored in the Entourage database. Also, RGE file is generally smaller in size as compared to other data file formats.

Displaying the contents of RGE package file reveals multiple files saved with .mbox extension. Below we will find out how can we view and extract Entourage RGE archive data files contents in order to access the data stored in multiple MBOX files underneath.

Stepwise Guide to Extract Entourage RGE files on Mac OS

The following section contains procedure to export Entourage .rge file and extract .mbox folders from it. A solution to directly save the mailbox folders as MBOX files is also given. These steps are limited to Mac platform users. For Windows users, a separate procedure is also discussed which will enable them to access the required contents of RGE file.

I. Export & Save RGE File from Entourage

  1. Open MS Entourage on your Mac machine. Go to File >> Export
  2. step1
  3. An Export window will open. Here, select the items that you want to export as RGE archive file. Click on the Right arrow to continue
  4. step2
  5. Now, you will be given an option to delete data from Entourage once the items are archived. Choose appropriately(recommended- No) and continue with Right arrow
  6. step3
  7. Next, Save Wizard will open. Choose to rename file as per choice and select the destination path where you want to save the archive file. Click on Save button
  8. step4
  9. After a while, a confirmation window will appear. Click on Done button. The RGE file is now saved at your chosen location.
  10. step5

To export the Entourage data to Outlook PST on MAC, watch the video:

II. Extract MBOX File from Entourage RGE package

  1. Open the location where you saved the .rge file
  2. step6
  3. Right-click on the file and choose Show Package Contents
  4. step7
  5. A list of folders will appear before you such as Calendar, Contact, etc. Here, open Mail >> On My Computer. Next, Select that folder whose MBOX file is needed
  6. step8
  7. You will find the required .mbox file of the chosen folder here
  8. step9
  9. Just like this, open any other folder to access its .mbox file. You can choose to copy this file to some other location in order to convert Entourage rge to PST(if required.)

Direct Way to Export MBOX file from Entourage Email Client

  • Open MS Entourage on your Mac Machine and select the mailbox whose .mbox file is required
  • step10
  • Drag and Drop that mailbox folder onto your desktop to create its MBOX folder on the Mac system.
  • step11

Extract Entourage RGE package on Windows System

They can simply copy RGE file from Mac to their Windows operating system via any form of storage media. Now to access the underneath lying files with .mbox extension, follow the discussed procedure in the below section.

  1. Double-click on the RGE folder to open it
  2. step w1-1 step w1-2
  3. Now go to Mail >> On My Computer and open the mailbox folder whose MBOX file you want
  4. step2 w2
  5. Again you can choose to move the file to some other location in order to perform conversion of MBOX file to PST (if required).

To export the Entourage rge to PST on WINDOWS, watch the video:


Entourage is a discontinued email application which stores its data in archive folders with .rge extension. However, data is originally stored in MBOX files which lies within the RGE file. In this article, we provided users with a complete guide on how to export the Entourage data in both RGE and MBOX file formats. Users can extract Entourage RGE mailbox and process the obtained files with .mbox extension as per convenience.