Cone to Outlook Converter

Cone emails to PST Converter is a good option to convert Cone to PST as it provides live analysis of the export process along with giving multiple views to the user.

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How to Convert Cone Emails to Outlook PST File?

Step 1

First step is to download the .exe file and then install. Then launch the application and open MBOX file of Cone email client that you want to convert into PST file.

open Cone emails

Step 2

Tool scans selected MBOX file from location and preview entire items along with mails & attachments.

export data from Cone to PST

Step 3

Select required folders option to export the file by assigning the destination path and then click the Export button.

convert Cone emails to outlook

Step 4

Folder name and item counts can be seen during the live process and the user can stop or start again the process.

transfer Cone to outlook



A Brief Info of Cone Mail Client!

Cone is a text-based e-mail client and news client developed by the Courier Mail Server developers. It handles multiple POP3, IMAP accounts, and local mail folders for Unix-like operating systems.

Cone contains an experimental implementation of a new remote mail access protocol, "SMAP" which offers several improvements over traditional IMAP-based mail accounts. It supports full UTF-8 with SSL/TLS, IMAP, POP3, NNTP, SMTP, and SMAP. SASL CRAM-MD5/CRAM-SHA1 authentication (except for NNTP).

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File Formats Used in Cone and Microsoft Outlook!

Cone email client uses MBOX file format for its application use, while Microsoft Outlook is one of the most famous email client which supports PST file format.


Comparing Cone and Outlook!

Today's most widely used email client application offered in the market is MS Outlook as compared to another mail client application. Because it provide advanced feature for users such as:

  • Archiving: Microsoft Outlook provides the opportunity to archive selected content both manually and automatically, which help in creating a backup of user crucial information.
  • Security: It enhances the security of mails, including protection from junk and phishing website emails.
  • Email Management: Provides email management, as it allows users to sync their email directly into contact list.
  • Improves Connectivity with others:MS Outlook calendar allows users to share their calendar with any email clients as per their convenience along with providing facility to edit,create and manage an online calendar.
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What is the Need to Convert Cone to Outlook PST?

Cone email client is outdated for MBOX file conversion to PST in the present scenerio which doesn't have any support for its updates or new features, but Outlook is used by most users and it has many versions with support from Microsoft which provides updates from time to time.